Poorman's Repeater System for VoIP Radio

Poorman's Repeater Controller for VoIP Radio
The smallest repeater controller was designed and programmed by JS1RSV originally/
This repeater controller has following features
1:Easy setting through RS232C port

TOT(Time-out-time) 0-999sec
Hung-up time 0-9.9sec
ID transmit style(3 way)
2: Dual access repeater including needed conbination setting(See othe page)
3 DTMF controlled on/off:
All needed features for repeater are included.

PIC Board for Repeater
You may build a simple reoeater connecting needed line as follows/

Dual Access Repeater
You can access this repeater by both way (normal sift and reverse sift. )
I designed a repeater for Japanese speaking hams and for Echolink use(for English speaking)

PC Board for Dual Access Repeater
@PCBoard anTparts location

Repeater Controller for VoIP